Honest and honest Zhongrui people


Honest and honest Zhongrui people
Tianjin Zhongrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd locates between Beijing and Tianjin,covering 21000㎡,with register capital RMB26 millon,Zhongrui is a famous professional manufacturer of raw pharmaceuticals.We own more than 100 staff,including 50 college graduates,and 32 pharmacology techinicians.Among the 32 people,there are 5 senior engineers, 10 middle-level technical personnel,2 licensed pharmacists,and 15 junior titles.Our trademark is registered as JinRui

With advanced manufacturing equipments and testing instruments,Tianjin Zhongrui established national GMP certified workshop and complete quality assuarance system.We take strict internal quality standards,which is higher than those of domestic and international quality standards,to meet the demands of end customers.

Our Orientation is to create Tianjin Zhongrui a modern pharmaceutical manufacturer with modern management system,high performed team,advanced technology,Tianjin Zhongrui is devoted to producing products of high quality to serve the health of human beings.

Tianjin Zhongrui Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd was listed in Shenzhen on February 18,2014.
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